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Umut İsmetoğlu / Co-Founder

From Bogazici University, Management Department with a 3.7 GPA. 
Best Selling Udemy Instructor with more than 11.000 students and counting. Worked at SAP, continues to work at Google as a Long Tail Coordinator. Ex- Founder of first Turkish crowdfunding real estate platform Stonifo, and b2b marketplace Keytey. Co-Founder of Zero-Sum Games. He has deep-experience
for drawing business strategy and implementing brand-new business models.

Hasan Burak Demir / Co-Founder

Graduated from Robert College in 2016. He studied Family Business Management at Harvard University in 2019. Studies Management at Boğaziçi University. He has had experience in the fields of accounting, finance and entrepreneurship since his high school years at Robert College. Worked part-time for PwC in the tax department in 2018. Worked for Garanti BBVA in the Treasury Department and now works part-time in the M&A department of the Boutique Investment Bank PRAGMA Corporate Finance.

Ayberk Akgün / Coordinator

Academic background from Bogazici University Industrial Engineering and a minor in Economics with a GPA of 3.61 combined with the strong analytical ability to model and find the optimized solution to complex systems, Ayberk specializes in digital transition of companies. Passionate about helping online sellers create high-value brands and a loyal customer base. Created various digital marketing campaigns on Facebook Business and Google Ads and reached thousands of people.
Currently works at BSH in the Innovation department.

Ezgi Diri / Art Director

I am Ezgi Diri. I studied Computer Education and Educational Technology at Boğaziçi University. In 2019, I started the Master of Arts in Educational Technology Department. I work part-time at the Digital Learning Technologies team at QNB Finansbank. I also contribute to the GETEM (Technology Center for Blind People) Department of Boğaziçi University. My main goal is to ensure that technology is used for the benefit of all living things. For this purpose, I am interested in educational technologies, gamification, visualization, and digital marketing. I have experience with these issues, but there is endless information to learn. Therefore, I continue to develop myself by conducting various research every day.

İbrahim Yahya Ceylan / Account Manager

I am İbrahim Yahya Ceylan, a dreamer who wants to change everthing I touch. I am a very passionate sports fan who wants to be part of something innovative and entertaining.  I am excited to turn ideas into sustainable models and lively experiences. I am easy going, handy, and a good cook in the kitchen. I have worked at Metro C.C. and Exalt Consulting. Currently I am studying business management at Boğaziçi University. I was thirty-seventh in Turkey in the university exam and now my GPA is 3,53.

Haluk Volkan Erkut / Project Manager

“Hello World”. My name is Haluk Volkan Erkut. I have been always interested in various topics in life such as entrepreneurship, technology, engineering, economy and so on. I am currently studying Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering minor at Bogazici University. I always challenge the difficulties around me and other people. Coming with a solution when there is complexity is my first response to the situations. Those experiences and difficulties improved me a lot. Digital problems and digital solutions play a very major role in today’s business life. So, my focus changed to that direction in order to acclimatize to the modern world. Currently, i am working on planning and executing digital marketing campaigns.

Uğur Mert Orhan / Project Responsible

Hi, I'm Uğur Mert Orhan.I graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School in Izmir.I am currently a business student at Istanbul University.I'm a young entrepreneur interested in virtual projects.

Efe Gündüz / Software Developer

Graduated from İkhal in 2016, then started Turkish German University after a one-year break. He studies Political Sciences & International Relationships but also experienced in front-end thanks to his 7-8 years of freelance work experience. He has worked for various companies for content management, social media management, and medium/large scaled website solutions. He writes PHP also, he can use HTML, CSS, and Javascript fluently. He is also available for English, Turkish or German touches.

Ishita Chetan Nirbhavne / Content Writer

Currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Mass Media at K.C. College in Mumbai. Columnist for 2+ years in one of the most accredited monthly magazines in India, “The Ruiaite Monthly”. Interned for one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, “Grazia India”. Vast experience in culture and lifestyle writing. Big lover of the arts, culture and travel.




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